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What Is The Cheapest Roof Type?

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used in the US due to their lower cost and ease of installation. They are generally the most affordable option, though the cost can vary widely depending on the exact type of shingles used. KC offers three packages on the vast majority of our roof estimates, Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Remember, it’s best to get a quote from a qualified roofing contractor!

Now that we’ve established the most cost effective roof material, lets talk about some details that will help you in preparing and budgeting for a potential roof replacement!

What are the most common elements that could impact your roof budget and price point?

Tip #1 - Check Your Attic Insulation

Attic spaces are one of the most overlooked elements in a home. Unlike a basement, often times we tend to forget that the attic space even exists. Yet they’re extremely crucial to the overall health of your roof and the materials on it!

First and foremost, attic insulation is a key ingredient to not only maintaining the internal temperatures of your home’s living space, but also aids in maintaining a more consistent temperature to your shingles and trusses. It’s not unheard of for the attic space to create an environment for mold to grow, leaving you with health risks and ultimately sheeting replacements when you’re ready to replace the roof. Often times, this is the result of high moisture content in the attic from either a shower intake fan being incorrectly connected and vented to the exterior, inadequate ventilation, and believe it or not, respiration! Humans exhale approximately 0.35 L of water per day, and that doesn’t include the rest of your household, or any pets you may have. If your attic isn‘t properly insulated, a majority of that water goes into the attic space.

How does it escape? Glad you asked!

Tip #2 - Check Your Ventilation

Ventilation of an attic space is just as crucial to the overall health and wellbeing of your attic space. There are several ways to ventilate an attic, here are three of the most common:

  1. Soffit & Ridge Vent - this is the industry standard and most commonly used type of venting a roof in modern building. This method is done by installing a vented soffit at the eave (underside of the gutter) so air can be drawn in, and moves upward toward the exhaust at the ridge! Think of the ridge vent as acting like a straw: the air gets drawn in and pulled in an upward motion.

  2. Gable Vents - a more traditional form of venting, and often found on ranch style homes. Gable vents are a cross draft method of venting. Air is pushed in one end of the attic, across the space, and out the other end to keep a circulation of airflow.

  3. Slant Backs, Wind Turbines & Power Fans - alternative methods of ventilation that are designed to work in tandem with the latter, these types of vents are can be considered bonus points for the attic (usually!). Power attic fans for example are manual fans that when temperatures or moisture levels get to high (depending on model) the fan kicks on and creates a suction of its own, pulling the heat and moisture out of the space.

Attic ventilation works in tandem with the insulation to maintain the consistency of the space.

What does all of this have to do with shingles and roof asphalt being the cheapest option? Well, shingles are indeed the most cost effective roofing material available. However, if the attic space is in critical condition, this will impact the overall scope of work required to replace your roof, as there may be a need to improve the conditions of the attic first, and the possibility of replace sheeting. Onward to tip #3, which covers that topic directly!

Tip #3 - Check Your Sheeting

Now that we’ve discussed the attic space’s general health conditions and what you want to see to maintain a healthy attic space, lets briefly discuss the sheeting.

The vast majority of homes have some type of sheet good material as the roof substrate (plywood or OSB are common), though depending on the age of your home, you may have horizontal planking instead. If this is the case, shingle manufacturers require an update of the substrate to a sheet good in order for the warranty to be honored. In the event of any defects to the roof products, this could be one of the elements that could cause a denial for a roof claim. It’s important to have a qualified roofing contractor review the attic space to make sure there aren’t any surprises at the time of replacement. This is why it’s important to have a trusted relationship with the installer prior to signing, as you want to be sure they were thorough in their assessment, and you are aware of the majority of factors which could impact the price. At Klausmair Construction, we hate change orders. We always make a strong effort to be upfront and open about any concerns which could pose a complication during the installation process, prior to starting.

Tip #4 - Tree Coverage

Tree coverage is another topic which many homeowners should be aware of. Often times, people ask us “what causes the unsightly discoloration and streaking on an asphalt roof?”. The answer to that question is directly related to algae and mildew, which often times is the result of pollen, shade, and well…nature. Many shingle manufacturer have adapted some form of copper flaking in their shingle engineering To help counteract the algae build up and slow the degradation of color in the roof. Certainteed for example, offers a 15-Year warranty on it’s Streak Fighter technology. Atlas also has Scotch Guard in their shingle, which poses a similar impact in reducing algae resistance.

Trees also pose a threat of falling debris causing damage to the shingle surface. Shingles are durable to a point, but heavy objects with high impact can cause punctures, scratches and impressions in the shingle mat, which will reduce the life expectancy.

Ready To Replace?

If you‘re looking into a roof replacement, whether it’s due to age, storm damage, or just looking for a change of color and style, Klausmair Construction offers the following packages for asphalt roof replacements!

The Bronze Package is built to be a much more economical package. Using the IKO Cambridge™ shingle in addition to some economical accessories. Allowing us to create a more budget friendly package with a quality shingle, at a budget conscious price point!

  • 10 year warranty

  • 110 mph wind rating

  • Algae resistant

The Silver Package is designed to be a middle of the road type package, with a Landmark™ shingle, and economical accessory components. Offering great value on a middle of the road package!

  • 10-year SureStartTM protection

  • 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty

  • 15-year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty

  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications

The Gold Package is the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System™. System requires the use of all CertainTeed products and is backed by a Non-Prorated Limited Lifetime Warranty

! This package features PREMIUM CertainTeed products, including a top of the line Landmark Pro™ shingle. Requires contractor certification

  • 50-year Non-Prorated, registered warranty

  • Wind warranty upgraded to 130 mph

  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications

  • 15-year StreakFighter® algae-resistance warranty


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