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How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement.

• Relocate your vehicle

Leaving available parking will be appreciated by your roofer and also be a safety measure for you. When at your home we will be moving tools, equipment, shingles, debris, etc. It will be more practical to be able to do that right next to your home. You'll also avoid potential accidental scratches or damage to your vehicle.

• Move Patio Furniture & Clear Out Yard

For your benefit and the safety of your belongings it is best to remove toys, grills, potted plants, etc. from your yard. If you don't have space to remove them completely place them in one area safely away from the roofers work area.

• Cut The Grass

Consider cutting your grass before your project begins. If you do so, this can make it exponentially easier for the roofers' to clean up dust, debris and nails.

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Savicky Lawn Care

• Protect Belongings In Your Attic

During your project, roofers will be walking on, hammering, and using other tools to complete your roof. This can cause dust to fall into the attic. It's best to remove belongings from your attic for the duration of the project. However, if you do not have the space to do so, we recommend covering the items in your attic to protect them from dust and debris

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