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Time For A Gutter Replacement?

Deciding to replace your gutters is a detail that is often overlooked. Just like with any other exterior project, you should take great care in deciding what you want. ✨

1. Material

One of the first things you're going to want to consider is the material you want for your gutters. There are many options to choose from such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and vinyl. When choosing your material you want to also take into account how much you would like to spend and how long that material lasts. Keep in mind that more durable material such as copper is going to be less cost effective than something less durable like vinyl.

2. Shape

Gutters come in all shapes and sizes! When choosing the shape (and size) of your gutters you want to consider the amount of rainfall your area receives. K-style gutters are considered more modern and make up the majority of gutters today.

3. Gutter Protection

Gutter guards are an addition consideration when choosing gutters. It all comes down to how much maintenance you want to do when it comes to your gutters. Gutter guards will keep debris such as leaves out of your gutters and keep everything as low maintenance as possible.

4. Budget

Gutters can vary in cost depending on material, shape, and added protection. When deciding what you want on your home, take into account how much you're looking to spend and what are the most important features to you.

5. Curb Appeal

Gutters can add to the curb appeal of your home. Take careful consideration on the overall vision you are looking to achieve when everything is finished. You want to choose something you will be happy with for awhile, that adds the special touch that you needed to the exterior of your home.

What Option Should You Pick?

While their isn't a right answer to this question, the industry has predominantly selected aluminum 5"K gutter as the standard nowadays. While there are several options out there, a 5"K style or even

6"K style option are going to be the best bang for you buck in terms of:

cost, longevity & performance!

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chad zeamer
chad zeamer
Mar 04, 2023

Thanks for the info. Great post!

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