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When you decide to do your roof there are a million questions that you're going to begin asking yourself. Color is likely a big one!

Depending on the specific wants and needs you have as a homeowner will dictate what shingle color you'll want to go with.


Dark shingles absorb more light which makes it quicker to melt snow and can keep the interior of your home slightly warmer. This is a beneficial option for homeowners that live in a colder climate that a large amount on energy bills in the winter. Dark shingles pair best with lighter color homes.


Light colored shingles reflect light better and keep your house cooler inside. This is the better option for those homeowners that live in a warmer climate and spend a large amount on energy bills in the summer. Light shingles are slower to melt snow due to their reflective property. These shingles best pair with dark colored homes for an eye-catching pop.

It will also be in your best interest to consider if you are going to be changing the color of the exterior of your home at any point to match your shingles to a new color!


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