You Should Take Into Consideration Weather Exposure when Choosing Your Entry Door

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July 5, 2017
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You Should Take Into Consideration Weather Exposure when Choosing Your Entry Door

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When installing a new entry door, your first thought might be drawn toward aesthetics, however consideration of weather exposure is highly important when choosing your entry door.  The amount of weather a door will endure will affect how the door performs and how long it will stay looking great.

Pros and Cons of a Steel Entry Door

Some steel doors build up so much heat they will be uncomfortable to touch if exposed to direct sunlight.  Heat is a real factor when considering a steel entry door. Those who choose a steel door may want to avoid an aluminum storm door as heat will build up between the two and cause the steel door’s finish to peel. Steel doors are also somewhat less energy efficient than other materials because heat or cold can be conducted through to the inside unless a thermal break is incorporated into the door’s construction.

Is Wood the Way to Go?

Wood doors will hold up best when installed in a protected area. Unless the entry door is located under an overhang or shaded area, a good deal of maintenance will be required, and warping will be a problem. Overall, wood doors with intricate moldings, thicker and wider stiles and rails and thicker panels are usually the best quality. 

Fiberglass and Composite Could be a Good Choice

Fiberglass and composite doors are tough and virtually maintenance-free.  However, if placed directly in harsh weather they may need periodic resealing. Another positive of fiberglass and composite doors is they can mimic the look and feel of a solid wood entry door. Fiberglass or composite doors typically carry the longest warranties and can run the gamut with pricing depending on glazing, hardware and other options.  

Other Things to Consider

While each material has minor variances in energy efficiency and its ability to withstand weather, another important thing that will decide how well an entry door performs is weatherstripping and proper flashing and installation. Find a reputable, professional contractor like those at Klausmair Construction. If you are looking for a new entry door, roof, gutters, siding, or an entirely new look to the exterior of your home, call the best in the business. Klausmair Construction is ready to help you with all of your exterior needs.

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