Sectional or Seamless Gutters: Which Should You Choose?

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Sectional or Seamless Gutters: Which Should You Choose?

Your gutters play a vital role in protecting your house. It keeps crawlspaces and basements dry, prevents rotting the walls of your home, and keeps siding and windows safe. If you’re looking to install a new gutter in Lancaster, PA, you can go with either sectional or seamless gutters. Here’s a look at each of their features and benefits.

Sectional Gutters

This type of gutter is affordable, and typically sold in pieces and installed as component systems. While the sections usually span 20 feet, it’s possible to divide them into shorter portions. One can join these sections together and to the downspouts using snap-in-place connectors. The great thing about sectional gutters is that they are easy to install. You don’t need any specialized equipment to connect the sections to one another.

Seamless Gutters

Also, known as soldered, continuous, or sheet metal gutters, seamless gutters have straight sections that only link at the corners and the downspouts. They reduce the likelihood of leaks or points of failure since they have no seams. They barely use sealants, which make gutter maintenance easier on your part.

Another benefit of seamless gutters is that they usually come in a range of beautiful colors, which can complement your home and increase its curb appeal and overall value. On top of making your home look good, seamless gutters reduce the risk of molds and internal dampness. This is possible by keeping the debris out to let the water flow smoothly through your drainage system.

At Klausmair Construction, we provide both sectional and seamless gutters. You will find that our gutter systems come in a variety of color options and materials to suit your budget and needs. When you choose us to install the gutters for your home, we’ll make sure to send experienced personnel that will get the work done on budget and on time.

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