Roof Replacement Is the Ideal Time to Insulate

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Roof Replacement Is the Ideal Time to Insulate


Are you thinking about a roof replacement and wondering whether or not to insulate at the same time? Roof replacements usually cause people to think about other things that need to be updated throughout the home—specifically insulation under their roof. Read on for more good information on this subject.

Great Time to Insulate the Attic

If you are having your home re-roofed, it is a great time to insulate your attic. This is especially true if the type of insulation you choose requires the shingles to be torn off to access the sheathing below for proper installation. Or, you may want to use blown-in insulation. No matter what type of insulation you choose, the professional team at Klausmair Construction is equipped to install.  And, if you need help with choosing the appropriate type, they will help you decide what is right for your home.

Even if you already have insulation, do you frequently feel chilly or drafty?  If so, it’s possible you may need to better insulate. Improving attic insulation can potentially lower your annual utility bills significantly. A home energy specialist can inspect attic insulation and let you know if yours could use an upgrade. With a large amount of savings on the line, it’s certainly worth the initial expense!

Leaks Can Lead to Mold and Rot!

Where there are leaks and roof damage there is sometimes damaged insulation. If your roof had a serious leak, it’s possible that the moisture has reached the layers beneath. When fiberglass insulation gets wet, the thermal properties are seriously reduced. The water molecules replace the air pockets between the glass pieces, which can cause mold to grow, as well. A full replacement may be in order.

As you can tell, this is a complicated subject. If you have additional questions about whether or not to insulate your home during a roof replacement or would like to inquire about any other exterior home matter, give Klausmair Construction a call. Or, you can visit our website to access information or submit a request form.


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