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How To Know When I Need A New Roof?

Planning and budgeting for a roof replacement can be stressful. Even when you have the budget on hand to replace, how do you know if it’s time? You may even question if the feedback you received from a roofing sales rep is accurate, or if they’re just trying to make a sale.

How can I tell for myself if the roof is ready to replace or not?

Firstly, a quality contractor should be willing and able to complete a full assessment of the roof’s condition and provide pictures of any concerns and needs to you, They should also be able to explain in detail the results of the inspection with the photos backing their explanation. At KC, we think of it as bringing the roof to you!

If you want to know for yourself though if its time to replace, we’ll discuss some points in this article to assist you in your planning stages!

So, what are roofers looking for during the assessment?

Quality roof inspectors will look for several things during a multi-point inspection. Similar to a car inspection, a mechanic will look at the brakes, tires, alignment, suspension, etc., a roofer will look for cracks in shingles, exposed fasteners, loose ridge vent, loose or buckled shingles and plywood, degranulation, installation related errors, delaminating of the shingle, punctures, and more. Two of the biggest signs of age are going to be degranulation and brittleness. Degranulation can be easily observed within the first few steps of climbing on a roof, and can be described as when the granules (the exterior coating of minerals on asphalt roofing shingles that provide extra protection to the fiberglass mat and gives the shingle its color) are wearing thin due to things like wind, rain, and ice over the years of exposure to the elements. Often times, gutters will collect this debris and pile up over time as well, so a quick assessment of the gutter can often times reveal the severity of granular loss, though not always.

Secondly, brittleness, as mentioned is when the fiberglass mat loses its pliability and becomes rigid. Brittle shingles are very difficult to repair, as additional damage can and likely will occur due to the design and installation practices of the fiberglass shingle. This can be easily observed as well. If you attempt to lift a corner of a shingle, often times the mat will break without much force or effort. Products like Roofmaxx have been created to try and rejuvenate the shingle, and not to say Roofmaxx isn’t beneficial but this can be considered a band-aid solution depending on the age.