Metal Roofing Gives Your Home the Upper Hand during the Winter Season

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November 17, 2017
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Metal Roofing Gives Your Home the Upper Hand during the Winter Season

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Winter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania does not bring in the same biting cold as an Alaskan winter. It does have its fair share of extremes, though. Ensure your family’s comfort this winter, and for winters to come, by securing quality metal roofing at home.

When you invest in metal roofing and the cold season comes along, you will realize slowly but surely why the material is a great roofing choice.

Lightweight Roofing

Metal roofing is relatively lightweight compared to tile or concrete roofing. That doesn’t mean, however, that its features are also lightweight. In fact, the quality of metal roofing is testimony to the fact that you don’t need something heavy to provide maximum roofing benefits.

Heat Conduction and Fire Resistance

Metal roofing does more than keep the rain and snow at bay. The material in itself is not the highest insulating material, but it features heat conduction that affords energy savings on heating. Alternatively, the material minimizes midday heat, enabling you to save on air conditioning costs during summer. Light-colored metal is particularly reflective both ways, effectively drawing heat away from the roof while retaining the cold air inside. Of course, it ultimately depends on the quality of the material and how efficiently it conducts heat.

On a related note, metal is a noncombustible material. This means your metal roofing is fire resistant, effectively increasing home safety. Be careful about the material beneath your metal roof, though, because those might be the cause of an unfortunate incident.

Extended Life Expectancy

Metal is a great roofing material because of its lightweight yet durable features. When properly installed, your metal roof will have an extended life expectancy. It can withstand both high winds and snow. Furthermore, the material is resistant to mildew and fire, enabling it to handle even the most common causes of roof damage.

Speedy Installation

For all its benefits, metal roofing is not that difficult to install. A professional installation team offers speedy installation that provides you with a new roof in no time.

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