Increase Your Home Investment with Exterior Upgrades

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Increase Your Home Investment with Exterior Upgrades

exterior upgrades

Exterior upgrades will not just make a big difference to the look of your home, they will increase the value of your home investment. Believe it or not, the way your home’s exterior looks will even impact the value of other homes in your neighborhood.

Here are some exterior upgrades which will translate into dollars and look great, as well.

Roof Shingles are an Exterior Upgrade that will Make a Difference

This is one of the more expensive exterior upgrades you can do to your home, so it is an area you will want to spend some time researching. In the past, asphalt shingles were an alternating pattern and were very flat. Today, there are many different textures and shape options to choose from which will appear richer and thicker overall.

The times of avoiding black roofs for venting or heat reasons have gone. One of the best exterior upgrades you can make is to change to a darker roof if you have a strongly colored home. This will add a neutral feel to the home. In addition, lighter colored asphalt shingles haven’t been perceived as a value-add, unlike mid-tone or darker ones. Also, lighter shingles will show discoloration or markings much sooner than darker ones.

Don’t Discount the Exterior Upgrade of Great Lighting

Nothing will improve the ambiance of a house better than great lighting . Even though only visible at night, it can change the entire feel of your property.  The addition of soffit lights will highlight the architecture of the house, ground lights can accent trees or high bushes and porch lights can be used to create a welcoming glow near the front door.

Garage Doors Have an Impact

While you do not want to emphasize the garage door, you do want to pay attention to the look of your garage door to be sure that it is not the focus. It is a good idea to paint it to blend into the substrate around it. Neutral colors are best and will blend with a  mortar color. This helps to blend the garage doors into the area and allows you to create architectural balance. However,  the trend of plain, flat garage doors has now morphed into doors with detail. So, don’t be afraid to add some detail such as a carriage style, paneled, and shaker style door.

Before you begin your home’s exterior upgrades, give the professionals at Klausmair Construction a call. They will help you with your project from start to finish. Check out our website to see some of our previous work.



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