Home Maintenance Tasks for a Trouble-Free Fall Season

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November 16, 2017
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November 19, 2017

Home Maintenance Tasks for a Trouble-Free Fall Season

Exterior Trim

As relaxing as the cool breeze and pumpkin spice scents are this fall, it’s also the best time to prepare for the harsh winter season ahead. Some home maintenance work done here and there like gutter replacement in Lancaster, PA lets you prevent any nasty surprises after the snow melts away and spring comes around.

To keep your home safe and trouble-free through the next year, remember to tackle the following tasks this fall.

Detach All Garden Hoses from the Faucets

As the leaves fall, there’s little need to keep your hoses ready for use to water your yard. Keeping hoses attached to faucets can make the water back up into your interior plumbing, possibly clogging your pipes and causing slow drains.

Falling temperatures are another concern: if the water freezes during a cold snap, it could make your faucet and pipes expand and crack. So, remember to remove any hoses from your outdoor faucets and store them away until winter passes.

Empty the Sprinklers

Draining your irrigation system prevents water lines from freezing and busting. Turn your main valve and automatic controller off to cut off the water supply to the sprinklers. Next, drain any remaining water from the system by opening all drain valves. Lastly, remove and replace all above-ground sprinkler heads.

Unclog Your Gutters

Trust us; you don’t want to deal with clogged gutters in the middle winter. So, break out the stepladders and inspect your gutters for any leaves, twigs, and other debris lodged in them while the weather still permits it. Clean the gutters thoroughly, and make sure they’re not sagging or ponding.

If your gutters are severely damaged, get in touch with us for prompt solutions to keep your roof and exterior walls free from moisture damage.

Inspect Your Roof

If your home has steep roofs, use binoculars to inspect your roof to keep safe. Look for cracked or missing shingles, rusty flashing, and black algae stains. Spotting these warning signs early lets you address them immediately and extend your roof’s service lifespan.

Keep your home safe and resistant to wear and tear with our gutter and roofing services in Lancaster, PA. Contact us today for professional repair and replacement projects for your home.

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