Gutters Protect Your Home from Water Damage in More Ways than One

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November 15, 2017
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November 17, 2017

Gutters Protect Your Home from Water Damage in More Ways than One

It’s crucial for a home’s roof system to be in excellent shape always, and we’re not just talking about your roof and shingles. You should pay attention to your gutters, too.

Gutters and downspouts provide a path for rainwater runoff as it flows down from your roof. This is a very basic function, but the benefits to your home are significant. This is why when you call us for installation or gutter repair in Lancaster, PA we make sure our gutters and spouting materials are top-quality. This way, you’ll spend years enjoying the following benefits:

Water Damage Prevention for Exterior Walls

Frequent water splashes can result in very visible and unsightly water stains, not just on wood but also on your windows. Additionally, the frequently-saturated wood panels are bound to deteriorate faster than you expect. Since gutters collect rainwater and facilitate their flow towards one area, it’s possible for sections of your exterior wall to stay dry in an average rain.

Prevent the Weakening of Your House’s Foundation

Without a gutter, rainwater will shower on all sides of your house. Moisture can seep through and weaken its structure over time. In other cases, pockets of water can form underground. This can compromise the structure’s foundation as large quantities of water saturate the surrounding soil. Moreover, when it dries up during summer, the hollow space may cave in and create an imbalance in your house’s foundation. Gutters keep this issue from occurring.

Indoor Flooding Prevention

Aside from weakening foundations, water that pools around your house might make its way into your basement. If you do have a gutter, but you’ve neglected to clean it or keep leaves and debris from clogging the downspout, rainwater can back up the soffit vent and flow down your interior walls. This is very difficult to deal with because the water is not dripping from a central area but rather flowing from the seam of your wall and roof.

It’s remarkable how a humble gutter system can keep so much damage from happening to your home. So, don’t just settle on mediocre materials, installations, and repairs. Call or email us at Klausmair Construction. We can give you a free estimate and visit your home if you have a gutter emergency.

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