Flat Roofs Suffer More Damage During Storm Season

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Flat Roofs Suffer More Damage During Storm Season

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Storm season in Pennsylvania causes a significant amount of concern amongst building owners and residents alike. Roofs, in particular, are the part of a structure that takes a severe beating from torrential rain and high-speed winds, leaving weaker buildings in tatters or worse, blown cleanly off.

More often than not, flat roofing suffers unique problems when pummeled by storms; its structure provides a unique, contemporary look to any home design, but it’s not without its own setbacks during inclement weather.

Flat Roofing is Prone to Ponding

“Ponding” refers to the accumulation of water into puddles on a given surface. Unlike on pitched or sloping roofs, rainwater does not naturally run off and away from a flat roof, which results in ponding. This makes post-rainfall inspections of your roofing against degradation essential.

Drains and gutters can get clogged when standing water is left unaddressed as well, which can compromise your roof’s drainage system. Poor drainage is often the cause of leaks which, in turn, could damage the interior of your home or building.

Flat Roofs Have Poor Resistance to High-Velocity Winds

Strong winds from storms can wreak all kinds of havoc on flat roofs — more so if they’re poorly installed or have not been maintained for some time. Sustained gusts of wind can blow off roof panels with weak spots, such as open seams and laps or loose fasteners.

If the storm is intense enough, high-velocity winds can also dump trash and other items on a flat roof. Sharp objects flung by winds at 70 mph can easily puncture your roof’s membrane, exposing your roofing structure to moisture and accelerating rot and mold growth.

Addressing Flat Roof Weaknesses Early

Scheduled inspections help prevent or fix issues with your flat roof before storms can damage your home. If your roof requires more than simple repairs, the roof replacement cost in Lancaster, PA is a worthwhile service to pay for to secure your home or building against storm season.

Our company offers a variety of dependable roofing services, honed by decades of industry experience. Call us today for any of your roofing repair, installation, or replacement needs.

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