Call Today for Springtime Roof Maintenance on Your Home?

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Call Today for Springtime Roof Maintenance on Your Home?


Are you ready? Springtime is here and it is important to check up on the condition of your roof and prepare your home for warmer temperatures.  The winter months and the snow are no friend to your roof.  Let us help you ensure that your roof looks great and will keep your family safe this spring.

Basic Springtime Roof Maintenance

Going on a roof is dangerous. It is best to hire a qualified professional to tackle your roof unless you have experience doing so.  After all, going on your roof involves climbing a ladder and standing on a sloping surface…no small task for most.

The signs of damage or wear and tear on your roof will be different depending on the material that is installed there.

Here is a list of springtime inspection tips which you will find helpful:

  • Take a look at the roof valleys. Since water travels down these areas and into the gutter, the valleys are susceptible to water damage.
  • If you have asphalt shingles, look for wear in the way of cracks that appear as black patches or lines.
  • For shingle or shake roofs, curled pieces or broken, split or missing pieces are a definite sign of despair.
  • If your roof is slate, black areas will indicate where slate pieces are missing.
  • Look for gaps, cracks and missing caulk around the vent pipes and chimneys.
  • Look at the ceilings inside your home for signs of discoloration or stains.

We are Ready for Springtime Roof Evaluations

Some of the items listed above can be spotted from the ground, but you will want to have a professional roofer give your roof a good look to be sure that no damage is present. Call Klausmair Construction anytime to schedule your roof evaluation. We are happy to help you keep your family safe as we welcome the beauty of spring.

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