Call Klausmair Construction for Your Homeowner Association Roof Maintenance Needs

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April 26, 2017
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May 18, 2017

Call Klausmair Construction for Your Homeowner Association Roof Maintenance Needs

homeowner association roof maintenance

Klausmair Construction is equipped to meet your Homeowner Association roof maintenance needs. Do you live an HOA community? Or, maybe you manage HOAs? In either case, you probably know that roof maintenance is a big deal and the condition of the roof will affect other areas of an entire building.

Homeowner Association Roof Maintenance is a Big Deal

Taking care of roofs in an HOA community is very important. We realize that rules in regards to who pays for repairs are different in each community and the structure of the homes within each community differ, but you cannot deny that roofs are one area of the home that you do not want to neglect. It is vital to call on a trusted contractor who is skilled and can detect problems. Sure, there are issues that can be seen with the naked eye, but it is often times those things that cannot be seen easily that cause the most damage. Klausmair Construction has worked with many HOAs over the past 23 years and we are staffed with trained professionals who can evaluate the roofs in your community and take care of your Homeowner Association roof maintenance repairs.

Maintaining Your Roof will Save You and Your Community Money

When you suspect a roof issue. It is important to act quickly. HOA roof leaks can cause severe damage and serious disruption to the homeowners in more ways than one. Leaks create perfect conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. As you know, the remedy to rid a home of either of these issues is not cheap, not to mention the health risks that are caused.

Problems with roofing can cause heating bills to increase. Let’s suppose there is an undiagnosed problem that continues for some time causing a leak. This problem will eventually damage the insulation which directly affects the ability to keep heat in your home and causes the heating bill to rise.

Water infiltration is another issue which leads to costly repairs. It can soften the structure of the roof itself and damage the building structure, as well, as water travels throughout. This can be a massive financial concern and safety hazard. When the integrity of the roof is compromised it poses a risk of collapse.

Prevent these potential hazards and call Klausmair Construction to schedule a time for your Homeowner Association roof maintenance visit. We would be happy to evaluate one home in your community or the entire community. We will provide you with accurate information on the condition of the roof or roofs and give you information for a repair or next steps. Call Klausmair Construction today.


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