As Summer Draws to an End, it is Time for Fall Home Maintenance

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As Summer Draws to an End, it is Time for Fall Home Maintenance

fall home maintenance

As summer draws to an end, it is a good time to begin thinking about fall home maintenance. Making an effort to take care of a few things in the fall will save you many headaches in the winter.  Here’s your must-do checklist for fall.

Gutter Maintenance is Key for Fall Home Maintenance

Having clogged gutters may not seem like a big deal, but it is.  It is a situation that will allow overflowing water to damage walls, spark a rodent infestation and erode your landscaping. If that isn’t enough incentive to start your fall home maintenance, the  overflowing water can leak through your foundation, causing a flood in your basement. To prevent a problem before it starts, have your gutters cleaned and repaired, if needed, early in the fall. You may also want to consider adding a layer of waterproof mesh over your gutters to keep leaves out.

It is a Good Idea to Protect Screen Doors

Do you have a screen door? If so, you should know that winter’s harsh weather can rip holes in screen doors or cause the metal to rust.  While replacing a screen door isn’t an astronomical expense, replacing a damaged screen door is an expense that homeowners do not look forward to. To keep your screen doors intact and do your due diligence in regards to fall home maintenance, remove the door, clean the screen and store it in a dry place until it is needed in spring.

Don’t Neglect the Shingles

Having a professional roofer scale your roof to check for loose or broken shingles may not seem altogether necessary, but if left unattended, small problems in your roofing can lead to major leaks during the winter as rain, hail, sleet and snow pound your home. Save yourself money in the long-run and take care of small repairs now.

Take Care of Gaps

Gaps in your window or door frames let in cold air, causing your heater to work overtime all winter long, but these have an easy fix. Start by running your hand over windows and doors. If you feel a draft, call someone to install weather stripping around the frame which will create a tighter fit. Sealing up those leaks will reduce your utilities bills.

Don’t let the winter catch you off-guard. Give Klausmair Construction a call today to perform your fall home maintenance. 

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